Your Health is in Your Hands: Staying on Top of Essential Preventative Screenings

Your Health is in Your Hands: Staying on Top of Essential Preventative Screenings

Have you ever heard the phrase: “The best offense is a good defense”? Usually used to inform strategy in world of sports, these words of wisdom can apply to your health, too.

When it comes to staying healthy, you don’t want to wait until a health issue arises and THEN set your offense—or treatment—on it. Instead, you want to defend against illness and ailments with Preventative health screenings that provide a baseline for your health and ensure earliest detection of any issues.

Megan Overby, DNP, APRN, FNP-C further explains, “Focusing on screening and primary prevention for our patients can stop a disease from ever occurring.  It also allows for early identification and early intervention, if necessary.”

While there is a wide range of preventative screenings that the staff at LPH recommends, we’ve gathered lists of the most common—and essential–screenings for men, women, and children. Use these lists as an easy reference for your Preventative care or that of your children or other loved ones.

Note: Your provider may recommend you begin these screenings earlier than the listed age, depending on family history or other risk factors.

Pediatric Preventative Screenings

  1. Well child examinations:
    • Complete at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months and then yearly thereafter until the age of 21
  2. Hemoglobin and Lead screening at 1 year (If applicable)
  3. Mental Health screening at ages 12-18 years of age (Or on individual basis as needed)

Women’s Preventative Screenings

  1. Cervical Cancer Screening beginning at age 21 (until age 65)
  2. Breast Cancer Screening (Mammograms) beginning at age 40
    • May be individualized based on family history and estrogen exposure
  3. Screening for osteoporosis (DEXA Bone Density Scan) for postmenopausal women beginning at age 65

Men’s Preventative Screenings

  1. Prostate cancer screening beginning at age 40
  2. Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening
    • One-time ultrasound screening for men ages 65 to 75 years who are current or former smokers
    • One time ultrasound screening in men ages 65 to 75 who have never smoked but have a first degree relative who required repair of AAA or died from ruptured AAA

Adult (Men & Women) Preventative Screenings

  1. Yearly wellness exam
  2. Lung cancer screening at ages 50 to 80 years (for those who have a 20 pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or who have quit within the last 15 years)
  3. Prediabetes and Diabetes Screening starting at age 35 to 70 years if overweight or obese (provider can help determine if needed)
  4. Cardiovascular Disease screenings
  5. Mental Health Screening on an as needed basis

Your LPH provider will help ensure you know what screenings you need when so you can feel confident that you’re doing what you can to stay healthy.

“It is important to note that preventative screening is also very individualized based on personal, family, and social histories,” Megan shared, “Your provider may recommend other possible screenings at an annual examination based on individualized care.”

Preventative screenings are crucial to early detection of health issues and maintaining overall health before problems arise. We encourage all our patients to work with their provider to establish a primary care plan that includes an annual wellness exam, preventative screenings and immunizations as needed.

If you have further questions on preventative screenings or would like to schedule a primary care appointment, call 701-256-6100 today.