Swing Bed Program Ensures a Safe Return Home

Skilled Rehabilitation Services Available at Langdon Prairie Health

Short-stay, hospital-based care situations are ideal for patients who no longer need inpatient care but still require rehabilitation or skilled nursing before returning home.  

Health events that often require or benefit from swing bed care are: 

  • Heart attack 
  • Stroke 
  • Traumatic fall 
  • Scheduled surgery 
  • Pneumonia 

Langdon Prairie Health’s swing bed services, which are sometimes referred to as skilled rehabilitation services, are also a convenient choice for patients who need short-term rehab care.  

When someone experiences a serious health event, they often need transitional care between an inpatient hospital stay and being fully ready to return home,” explained Angela Booker, LPH Interim CNO. Swing bed refers to patients who need care that ‘swings’ between acute hospital care and independent living. People can get the physical and occupational therapy they need right here in the hospital before returning home.” 

Swing Bed Patients at LPH Receive: 

  • 24-hour nursing care 
  • On-site, customized treatments, therapies and services, including: 
    • Physical, occupational, and speech 
    • Infusion   
    • Pharmacy 
    • Nutrition  
  • Care in a visually appealing, comfortable facility  
  • Spacious private rooms 

One of the biggest benefits of swing bed services at LPH is that patients can get the care they need without having to travel—this makes it easier for them and anyone who may help care for them. 

“Take for example a married couple—one has a stroke, but even after their hospital stay, they can’t come home yet. Rather than transferring to a facility outside Langdon, they can stay right here in town and their spouse can easily visit them, provide support, and remain up to date on their condition,” Angela said. 

Additionally, patients who needed to travel farther away for their initial care can finish their rehabilitation at LPH—allowing them to return to their community more quickly. 

Each patient who participates in the swing bed program will have a treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs and carried out one-on-one by their providers and therapists. 

Additional Benefits of Swing Bed Services: 

  • Nursing support to help patients fully recover from illness or injury 
  • Receive continuity of care – close to home 
  • Assist with daily living activities, helping patients reach their highest potential for self-sufficiency 
  • Allow patients to return home with the education they need to live safely and independently 
  • Reduces the risk of relapse and returning to the hospital for additional care 

“Your provider will meet with you to create your care plan, order the rehab services you need and ensure that you are meeting the goals set to return home safely and comfortably,” Angela said. 

There is always an RN in the building who can attend to swing bed patients at any time of the day and a provider is always on call. This allows LPH to provide an exceptional level of care that helps ensure patients successfully transition out of the program. 

“To put it as plainly as possible, swing bed services at LPH are designed to get people back to their ideal living situation safely,” Angela said. “I have witnessed many patients be able to return to independent living due to their time in swing bed—as a nurse that is a very rewarding thing to see.” 

For more information, contact Dawn Christianson, BSN, RN/EMT at 701-256-6169 or Angela Booker, MBA, RN, Interim Chief Nursing Officer at 701-256-6137 or angela.booker@lph.hospital.