Swing Bed Services at Langdon Prairie Health

We provide skilled rehabilitation services - or swing bed - to keep your care local and close to family and friends 

Swing bed is for those patients on Medicare and is a great alternative to nursing home or long-term care facilities. Our short-stay, hospital-based care solutions are ideal for patients who no longer need inpatient care but still require rehabilitation or skilled nursing before returning home. LPH’s swing bed services are also a convenient choice for patients who need short-term rehab care. We are fully staffed and recognized in a 5-state region for our excellent care.

Swing bed patients at LPH receive: 

  • 24-hour nursing care 
  • Medical provider available for consultation at all times 
  • On-site, customized treatments, therapies and services, including: 
    • Physical, occupational and speech 
    • Oxygen and respiratory 
    • Infusion  
    • Pharmacy 
    • Nutrition  
  • Care in a visually appealing, comfortable facility  
  • Spacious private rooms 

Benefits of Swing Bed Services: 

  • Nursing support to help patients fully recover from illness or injury 
  • Receive continuity of care – close to home 
  • Assist with daily living activities, helping patients reach their highest potential for self-sufficiency 
  • Allow patients to return home with the education they need to live safely and independently 
  • Reduces the risk of relapse and returning to the hospital for additional care 

For more information, contact Chief Nursing Officer Angela Booker or Dawn Christianson, BSN, RN/EMT at 701-256-6169