Langdon Prairie Health Association Membership Information

  • Membership in the LPH Association is open to any individual who is 18 years of age or older and living in LPH’s service area
  • Once the Association receives a completed application from a qualified individual, the individual is a member of the Association
  • Membership is good until the individual no longer meets the qualifications for membership
  • To vote at LPH’s Annual Meeting, a membership application must be received prior to the meeting
  • For nominations, please fill out the two documents below and the form below:

Membership Enrollment Form Submission Data

By signing this application, I certify that I am over eighteen years of age and that I reside in the Association’s Service Area.
To vote at the Annual Meeting, a membership form must be received prior to the meeting. Membership is good until you no longer meet the qualifications for membership. Upon the Association's receipt of a properly completed application form a qualified individual, the individual is a Member of the Association.