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Feeling Like Yourself Again Is Possible with LPH Physical Therapy Services

If you feel like pain or lack of mobility is hindering your ability to live life the way you would like, physical therapy services from Langdon Prairie Health can get you back on track to a healthier and happier version of yourself. The LPH physical therapy team utilizes their expertise to help people of all ages recover function, regain... Read more

Labs: Testing for what ails you

Living in a rural community definitely has its perks: fresh air, wide open spaces, and a tight-knit community. However, when it comes to healthcare, things can get a bit tricky. Access to medical services can be limited, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the care you need close to home. That's where lab services come in! In a hospital... Read more

Swing Bed Program Ensures a Safe Return Home

Skilled Rehabilitation Services Available at Langdon Prairie Health
Short-stay, hospital-based care situations are ideal for patients who no longer need inpatient care but still require rehabilitation or skilled nursing before returning home. Health events that often require or benefit from swing bed care are: Heart attack Stroke Traumatic fall Scheduled surgery Pneumonia Langdon Prairie... Read more

Primary Care = Complete Care

Prevention & Maintenance of Chronic Diseases
Sore throats, fevers, rashes: When something unusual pops up unexpectedly, most people think of their primary care provider as the go-to when they’re temporarily not feeling well. But not everyone realizes that primary care can also be not only their first stop when they need help, but a place to develop a long-term relationship for... Read more

OB-GYN Care Returns to LPH

Dr. Setness Hoefs Welcomed as Visiting Specialist

After several years without regular OB-GYN care in the immediate area, Dr. Tana Setness Hoefs has joined Langdon Prairie Health as a visiting OB-GYN specialist; she will see patients for a range of gynecological concerns.

... Read more

Residents Provide Feedback on Area Health

Number of Respondents Dramatically Increases

Langdon Prairie Health’s recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) gives us a comprehensive look at our community’s current health level, as well as our current and future health needs. It also helps us figure out where resources should be used and how to go about planning programming that meets area residents’ needs.

... Read more

More than Meds

Pain Management Reduces Pain, Improves Function
By Jeff Stanley, CEO, Langdon Prairie Health Too often, patients hear “pain management” and think that’s just another way of saying “here’s a prescription.” But pain management is really the opposite of that; what pain management actually focuses on are a variety of ways to control pain, which might include... Read more

Your Health is in Your Hands: Staying on Top of Essential Preventative Screenings

Have you ever heard the phrase: “The best offense is a good defense”? Usually used to inform strategy in world of sports, these words of wisdom can apply to your health, too. When it comes to staying healthy, you don’t want to wait until a health issue arises and THEN set your offense—or treatment—on it. Instead, you ... Read more

“I Care” Values reflect mission of Langdon Prairie Health

Living the Mission

An organization’s culture is a set of shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices that guide all team members. The Langdon Prairie Health team worked to redefine our culture in 2017 by creating a “Living the Mission” initiative. Together, we established our mission, vision, and values for all staff to work by. No person is to be treated differently based on title, position, or community ties.

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