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Langdon Prairie Health Achieves Perfect State Health Assessment Results

Langdon, N.D. (May 2024) – Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) proudly announces the completion of its recent State Health Assessment (SAH) with North Dakota Health & Human Services. LPH received a perfect assessment with zero deficiencies on this healthcare-based state survey.

"Langdon Prairie Health is pleased to announce we received zero deficiencies on the SHA," said Wayne Reid, CEO of LPH. "While we continue to be proud of the high level of quality we provide to our patients, it is good to have this confirmation from the surveyors.”

The results underscore LPH’s unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards of care and safety for its patients.

"In addition to our Chartis Top 100 Critical Access Hospital designation and two recent quality awards, this is yet another chapter in our outstanding quality story,” shared Reid.

LPH extends its gratitude to North Dakota Health & Human Services for its diligence through this process. LPH always welcomes feedback from patients, staff and community members to further enhance the hospital’s performance and quality levels.

For more information about Langdon Prairie Health, visit or call 701-256-6100. Click here to read the official letter from North Dakota Health & Human Services.

Langdon Prairie Health Earns Top 100 Critical Access Hospital Award from The Chartis Center for Rural Health

Langdon, N.D. – Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) announced it has been recognized as a 2024 Top 100 Critical Access Hospital by The Chartis Center for Rural Health. Chartis’ annual Top 100 award program recognizes outstanding performance among the nation’s rural hospitals, based on the results of The Chartis Rural Hospital Performance Index®.  

“I couldn’t be prouder of this dedicated team of professionals. Having an outside organization recognize our commitment to quality and patient care only confirms what we already know: Langdon Prairie Health is dedicated to excellence and providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare to all we serve,” shared Wayne Reid, CEO of LPH.  

Chartis is a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm. Its Top 100 Award program was introduced in 2011 with the Critical Access Hospital category. The Rural and Community Hospital category was then added in 2016. Now in its 14th year, the Index® is the industry’s most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural hospital performance. 

“During an era of profound uncertainty for rural healthcare, the Top 100 Rural Hospitals continue to provide a unique lens through which we can identify innovation and inspiration for how to deliver high-quality care to increasingly vulnerable populations,” said Michael Topchik, National Leader for The Chartis Center for Rural Health. “We’re delighted to be able to recognize this year’s Top 100.” 

To learn more about LPH, visit or call 701-256-6100. Visit to learn more about Chartis and these Top 100 awards.

Langdon Prairie Health Receives Performance Leadership Award in Quality and Patient Perspective

Langdon, N.D. (December 2023) – The Chartis Center of Rural Health, a top rural health consulting firm, has recognized Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) with the Performance Leadership Award in both Quality and Patient Perspective.

"This recognition is a reflection of the work our team members do every day to keep patients safe, healthy and satisfied with their care," Wayne Reid, Chief Executive Officer of LPH, said. "I couldn’t be more proud of the LPH team. I know how much work, effort and dedication goes into excellence. This award is confirmation of it."

LPH was one of only 28 North Dakota Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) to be honored with the award, earning recognition in both the Quality and Patient Perspective categories. The Performance Leadership Award is based on the results of the Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEX® and honors top quartile performance among rural hospitals.

To learn more about the Performance Leadership Awards, visit Chartis - Top Performing Rural Hospitals. To learn more about LPH, visit or call 701-256-6100.

Langdon Prairie Health Welcomes Wayne Reid as New Chief Executive Officer

Langdon, N.D. (October 2023) – Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) has announced the hire of Wayne Reid as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reid has decades of experience in rural-hospital leadership and operational management, as well as extensive expertise in both financial and operational goal-setting for rural healthcare systems.

"We’re so proud to announce the hire of Wayne Reid," explained Darla Roder, Chief Operating Officer at LPH. "By welcoming him to our team, LPH gains a valuable asset in our mission to provide excellent healthcare to people in Langdon and surrounding communities."

Reid started serving in his new role as LPH’s CEO October 16, 2023. He has already started meeting the many different staff members at LPH, uncovering the hospital’s specific accomplishments and growth opportunities, learning about the surrounding area’s healthcare needs and getting to know many of the community members and local leaders.

"I’m beyond excited to join LPH, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this hospital and its clinics," said Reid. "Clearly, LPH already means so much to the local Langdon community. Its impact is already deeply felt. I plan to not only help LPH continue that legacy, but also to empower its providers and staff to set and achieve even more critical goals."

Prior to joining LPH, Reid served as CEO of Rural Hospital Group in Salem, Mo., and as the CEO at Select Medical in Charleston. W.Va. He’s also served as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vice President and Administrative Director at a number of rural hospitals and healthcare systems.

To learn more about LPH, its leadership team, its foundation and the medical services provided by its hospital and multiple clinics, visit or call 701-256-6100.

Lights, Stars & Diamonds 2023


Here we are again writing to you from the Langdon Prairie Health Foundation office. We hope this letter finds you warm & comforted in this upcoming season of everything “Hustle n Bustle”! We’ve had a great year here at LPH Foundation and we are looking forward to many more prosperous years to come. Thank you to you all for your continued support and generosity you’ve shown and shared with us. And now, a little recap…

In May of this year, we awarded 5 students with $1000 through our scholarship program. Two scholarships went to Langdon High School seniors and three of them were awarded to Munich High School students. This scholarship is offered to those two schools as well as Edmore and Walhalla. In June, we held our 27th Annual Golf Tournament at Langdon Country Club and brought in just over $24,000! It was a great day with 66 golfers in attendance. We also held our annual Blood Drive that month through Vitalant. In August we served close to 380 plates at our Annual Family Fun night & picnic held at St. Alphonsus—which was so fun and well-loved in our community! We also continue our memorial program, and our Free Nutrition Program through Cavalier County Senior Meals & Services. This is offered for those 60 years or older with two weeks of FREE meals after being discharged from our local hospital. We are working on expanding this to Walhalla in the very near future. We continue to fund the sports Physicals to our local and surrounding community student athletes for both Langdon & Walhalla clinics. This has been a huge hit for our local students as it allows for a Provider and student trusting relationship! In October, we held our Annual Meeting out at the beautiful Frost Fire Park. We offered a nice meal for our Executive Team, LPH Board of Directors, LPH Foundation Directors, Providers, and all spouses/significant others. This is our 2nd year of this fun evening gathering and it’s very appreciated by everyone. It’s a great way for the Foundation to show appreciation to our administration and providers and it helps build and sustain a comradery with the hospital. So many good and positive things are happening with even more to come in our future…

With that being said, we would like to say WELCOME to our NEW CEO, Wayne Reid to our facility! He started on October 16th and we sure hope he can call Langdon and our surrounding community “HOME” (just like many of you once did or still do). We hope he settles in smoothly and we couldn’t be more excited for you to meet him. In my short time with him, I can confidently say that I think we’ve “found him”. Thanks for giving LPH a chance, Mr. Reid!

Now back to fundraising…our ever so loved event Lights, Stars, & Diamonds is upon us. With the holidays and giving season nearing, we are once again asking you for your consideration in participating our 34th year! Your involvement matters to us! Our local communities joined together a long time ago to build a stable and quality healthcare facility in our county. Could you help us keep this same momentum going forward? We are asking for your support by ensuring we can continue to provide close to home care—care that you DESERVE and DESIRE! Charitable giving is a personal investment in making our hospital a safe and up-to-date place for patients to come through our doors. So far this year, LPH Foundation has purchased a Carbon Monoxide Monitor, a Vein Finder, and a Bladder scanner for our facility. All three of these pieces of equipment are new additions we’ve never actually had before! This is all because of you, our Donors!


Participating in our event is a very special way to honor or remember a loved one that you may miss, especially this time of year. Lights, Stars, and Diamonds may be purchased by filling out the coupon below and returned by Monday, December 1st via mail or drop off at our local hospital. Last year we raised over $12,000! The funds raised for this event will be used to keep our facility with quality equipment & updates. Remember, your contribution is tax deductible!


Online giving! Visit the link below or scan the QR code to the right with your smart phone camera and follow the prompts to donate online!
Link: If you would like to make a general monetary donation you can now do that online by visiting

"Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to you and yours & God bless you all." - McKinzie

Our Foundation Executive Director is expecting her 2nd baby around December 16th timeframe. This is the reason our event is being ran a bit earlier than normal. Thank you for your understanding during this time of transition for her family. With this, we will not be participating in the Mingle & Jingle event hosted by the Langdon Chamber this year. However, we WILL be LIVE on the radio with a reading of the names on Wednesday, December 6th at 2PM in the afternoon. Grab a coffee & cookie and enjoy the ceremony by tuning into KNDK 1080 AM or 98.7 FM. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Langdon Prairie Health and Cavalier County Health District Partner on New Sharp Disposal Box

Langdon Prairie Health and the Cavalier County Health District have partnered to release a new sharp disposal box, which is now available outside of LPH. This disposal box is free to use, confidential, and easily accessible.

LANGDON, N.D., AUGUST 2023 - - Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) and the Cavalier County Health District have partnered to release a new sharp disposal box. The free, confidential, and easily accessible sharp box is now available and located outside of LPH.

Now that the sharp box is available, anyone is able to drop off medical supplies with sharp points or edges like syringes, needles, lancets, fingerstick devices, auto injectors, infusion sets, connection needles, and scalpels.

"This new and secure sharp box will help prevent the spread of infectious disease and pathogens, assisting those who need to dispose of either prescriptive or illicit sharps," said Michelle Skillings, Chief Nursing Officer at LPH. "People are able to either walk or drive up and dispose of their sharps in a safe and confidential manner."

Skillings shared that those disposing sharps in the new box first need to put their sharps in a small, hard, and plastic container, such as a small juice container, before then disposing that container in the box.

"While this was originally a Cavalier County Health District initiative," said Stephanie Welsh, RN, Administrator/Director of Nurses at the health district, "it became a larger project and would not have been a reality without LPH’s willingness, infrastructure, and partnership throughout this process. Working together is what made it possible."

Welsh explained that it is critical that people do not leave sharps or any other items outside of the box. The box should only be used for sharps and cannot be used for medications, trash, or any other objects.

If someone in the Langdon area needs to dispose of medications, whether prescriptive or illicit, those can be disposed of at the Take Back Program locations at Langdon Community Drug and the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office. For prescription medications only, the Cavalier County Health District uses the free Deterra and DisposeRX disposal systems.

Skillings, Welsh and Angela Booker, LPH’s former CNO that began this process, believe that infectious disease is going to be better mitigated with this box, and other harms related to contaminated sharps that are not disposed of properly will be reduced.

About Langdon Prairie Health

Langdon Prairie Health (LPH) is nationally recognized as one of America’s best rural hospitals and is a member of the North Dakota Healthcare Association, American Hospital Association, North Region Health Alliance and Langdon Chamber of Commerce in Langdon, N.D. LPH is a 20-bed facility that provides 24-hour emergency services, comprehensive laboratory services, general inpatient services, intensive and cardiac care units, pediatric care, swing bed services, respite care, and outpatient services. LPH also operates two outpatient, family-practice clinics in Langdon and Walhalla. To learn more, visit

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Roder Named Outstanding Rural Health Professional

Grand Forks, N.D. – Darla Roder, compliance officer and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Langdon Prairie Health, accepted the Outstanding Rural Health Professional award at the 2023 Rural and Public Health Awards Banquet, which recognized outstanding North Dakota rural health and public health advocates for their accomplishments. This award is presented to a professional located in rural North Dakota who has demonstrated leadership in the delivery of rural health services and is unselfishly committed to making a significant and sustained impact on the health of their community and service area. The awards banquet was held June 15 in Bismarck.

Roder has spent 30 years providing healthcare leadership in small North Dakota communities. She has worked as a compliance officer, COO, and interim CEO at Langdon Prairie Health, as well as nurse and clinic manager. During her time at Langdon Prairie Health, Roder has led the organization in joining an Accountable Care Organization and implementing a value-based care system. Under her guidance, the facility was recently recognized as #1 in a five-state region for Medicare patient outcomes and improved clinical experience.

"Darla has shown she is willing to step up to the plate anytime she is called upon to help our organization,” said Maria Eisenzimmer, clinic manager and population health nurse at Langdon Prairie Health. “Her compassion and accountability inspire everyone who has the privilege of working with her."

Langdon Prairie Health Interim CEO and COO Darla Roder Chosen for the Outstanding Rural Health Professional Award

LANGDON, N.D. – Darla Roder, Interim Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Operating Officer at Langdon Prairie Health (LPH), was recently chosen to receive the Outstanding Rural Health Professional Award for 2023. This award is granted by the Center for Rural Health, and those who receive the award are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership in the delivery of rural health services and an unselfish commitment to creating a significant and lasting impact on the health of their community and service area.

“She truly lives our values at LPH, consistently serving as a great example for everyone here,” explained Margaret Fontana at LPH. “She works to ensure all staff members bring integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence to the work they do every day.”

The award will be formally presented at the 2023 Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health on Thursday, June 15, in Bismarck, N.D.

“It is an honor to be recognized and to be chosen for this award,” said Roder. “Langdon is such a caring and compassionate place where people truly look out for one another – it’s been a privilege to be able to ensure the people in this community receive high-quality healthcare and health services through the work we do at LPH.”

Roder joined LPH in 2004, and since that time, has overseen daily hospital operations and compliance decisions, while managing the administration of multiple departments within LPH.


Margaret Fontana, CFO 701-256-6172

Alcoholics Anonymous chapter returns to Langdon - in person or virtual attendance available

Getting sober isn't easy, but the right support can make all the difference. After more than 20 years, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is returning to Langdon to help people achieve long-lasting sobriety and reclaim their quality of life.

Take the first step toward recovery at welcoming, group AA meetings that are:

  • Judgement-free
  • An open forum to speak, listen and learn
  • Opportunities to create connections and receive ongoing support and encouragement
  • Virtual or in-person attendance available

Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and open to everyone. Simply show up; no registration is needed.

For in-person attendance: Enter through the main entrance of the hospital; the meeting is in the Langdon Prairie Health Administrative Conference Room.

For virtual attendance: Teams meeting link