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Alcoholics Anonymous chapter returns to Langdon - in person or virtual attendance available

Getting sober isn't easy, but the right support can make all the difference. After more than 20 years, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is returning to Langdon to help people achieve long-lasting sobriety and reclaim their quality of life.

Take the first step toward recovery at welcoming, group AA meetings that are:

  • Judgement-free
  • An open forum to speak, listen and learn
  • Opportunities to create connections and receive ongoing support and encouragement
  • Virtual or in-person attendance available

Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and open to everyone. Simply show up; no registration is needed.

For in-person attendance: Enter through the main entrance of the hospital; the meeting is in the Langdon Prairie Health Administrative Conference Room.

For virtual attendance: Teams meeting link